Personal Training

Personal Training - St Albans, Harpenden, Radlett.

I deliver Personal Training sessions in client’s home gyms, as well as Osteopathy and Massage Treatments.

I also deliver Personal Training sessions in St Albans, at the Body Limits Gym. Please click here to view some images of the location.

I have over 25 years’ experience as a fitness professional, and more than 35 years’ personal experience of training to improve health and performance, I’m a highly experienced personal trainers and fitness coach.

I have an extensive list of qualifications. It is this unique mix of professional qualifications and knowledge that makes my training approach safe and highly effective.

Home visit requirements

Unrestricted parking facilities – a driveway, or close by permit parking that you will be able to provide a 2-hour parking permit for. Underground parking is unfortunately not suitable.

Personal Training – you must have your own home gym space. Lots of equipment is not essential, but it is recommended you have at least one piece of cardiovascular machinery (i.e. rower, bike, ski erg, treadmill, crosstrainer). As well as a selection of resistance equipment, i.e. dumbbells or kettlebells.

How Personal Training with an Osteopath can be different to traditional Personal Training 

Below is an example of the structure of a personal training session which highlights my approach and skillset….

1. Mobilisation: to address spinal and peripheral joint restrictions to improve movement quality and quantity.

2. Soft Tissue Release: muscles and connective tissue release to improve movement quality and quantity.

3. Workout 1: strength and skills development.

4. Workout 2: metabolic conditioning to improve cardiorespiratory and metabolic health.

5. Cooldown: This may include reinforcement of joint mobilisation and soft tissue release to facilitate tissue repair and remodelling.

If you would like to discuss how I help to improve your health, wellbeing and movement, please WhatsApp or call me on 01727 576086.

Professional Status
  • Registered Osteopath
  • L2 CrossFit Coach
  • L4 Personal Trainer
  • L2 MovNat Certified Instructor
  • L2 Function Movement Screen Assessor
  • Fascial Stretch Therapist
  • Qualified Tutor & Assessor

Please click here to view my Professional Qualifications.