About Me

The Mobile Osteo, also known as Stuart Best, is an Osteopath, Personal Trainer, and CrossFit Coach.

I’m an active 50-something who has been weight training for 40 years. As the above image shows, I ski, paddleboard, bodyboard and workout. Ideally, combining the aforementioned with family & friends and trips to the South coast or overseas.

What little time is left is spent furthering my knowledge of nutritional biochemistry and its impact on both acute and chronic diseases. Although I confess Audible and YouTube lectures & podcasts are preferred to reading.

As the name ‘The Mobile Osteo’ suggests, I visit patients’ homes delivering Osteopathic and Massage treatments.

I work with patients who need help to heal after an injury. Patients who need help resolving pain when there’s no known mechanism of injury. And patients who need help managing pain-generating conditions that occur as we age, such as osteoarthritis.

My speciality is combining my years of exercise, nutrition, lifestyle coaching and osteopathic knowledge to treat, coach and advise people on how best to manage their long-term musculoskeletal health, fitness and wellbeing.

Professional Status
  • Registered Osteopath
  • L2 CrossFit Coach
  • L4 Personal Trainer
  • L2 MovNat Certified Instructor
  • L2 Function Movement Screen Assessor
  • Fascial Stretch Therapist
  • Qualified Tutor & Assessor